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Debt Collection

Are you looking for a debt collection solicitor in Cavan?
We have a wealth of experience in debt collection. Since opening our business we have become well-established and well respected by many clients for our ability to recover debt.

We have acted on behalf of all types of clients in recovering debts, from State Departments Credit Unions and large businesses through to small local businesses and private individuals. We also act on behalf of overseas clients who are owed money in Ireland and on behalf of clients in Ireland owed money by a party based overseas.

One size does not fit all and so our approach to recovering your debts means that each debt action is considered on an individual basis. A solicitor will consider the circumstances of each debt and advise you how best to recover the monies owing to you as economically and quickly as possible. We will advise you of your options at every step of the way.
In addition to debt collection, we can advise and assist you in the on-going credit control and management of your debtors.

If you are interested please contact us now to request details of our debt collection rates and commission. We are sure you will find our rates to be very competitive. When inquiring, why not ask about our bulk-letter dispatch service.

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What is Mediation?
Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process by which two parties who are in conflict with each other resolve their dispute with the aid of an impartial third party (the Mediator). Any settlements achieved can be recorded and signed in order to become an enforceable Contract.

What is the Role of the Mediator?
The Mediator acts as a referee in the mediation meeting and ensures that the rules of the mediation are followed. The Mediator does not give advice to either side, but remains impartial and helps the parties open or improve the dialogue between them, and so helps the parties agree with a solution to their dispute.

How Does it Differ From Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?
Other forms of ADR are arbitration, conciliation and negotiation. In arbitration, an arbitrator is appointed to review each party’s case and make a decision in favour of one of the parties, whereas a mediator is a facilitator who guides the parties to their own settlement. In conciliation, the conciliator takes an active role by directing parties towards a satisfactory common agreement and can make proposals for settlement, whereas in meditation it is the parties themselves who come up with the solution. In negotiation, a negotiator engages in adversarial negotiations on behalf of one of the parties, whereas a mediator independently facilitates the parties to reach their own settlement.

What Are The Advantages Of Mediation?

  • Confidentiality;

  • Maintenance of relations between the parties;

  • More communication between the parties;

  • Creative and long-lasting solutions;

  • Absence of procedural formalities of Court/arbitration.

  • Savings in time and money (no Court fees or waiting lists);

How Can Keaney Nevin Help?

Mediation provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to court proceedings.

Gerard Nevin, Principal of Keaney Nevin is a trained and accredited Mediator, and is able to conduct mediations to resolve disputes between you and your customers, your suppliers or your employees.

Next time you become involved in a conflict that looks as though it is heading for Court, consider having it resolved by mediation. Consider appointing Gerard Nevin to act as the Mediator.

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To discuss issues relating debt collection, mediation and commercial law services, get in contact with Keaney Nevin Solicitors today.

Commercial Law

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business life is helping a small business get off the ground and seeing it develop into a successful enterprise. We believe that great oak trees from small acorns grow.

At any stage in the life of a business, we can provide assistance by giving advice on:

  • Company formations

  • Partnerships/joint venture agreements

  • Shareholders agreements

  • Distribution and agency agreements

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